Our cardboard waste extraction system is the winner of an Mpact Environmental Award.

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Employ the latest technology for dust and waste management at your premises.

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Our solutions help to safely control oil mist and welding fumes in your work environment.

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HPT Africa is passionate about your safety, the smooth functioning of your business and the environment.

At HPT Africa we take care of industrial ventilation and filtration, and efficiently manage dust and waste in production and manufacturing plants.

If you do not extract dust and waste from production lines and factories it can be detrimental to your health and production will eventually come to a stop, which is why we offer a reliable solution that will keep your business running smoothly. We service a variety of industries, from car manufacturing plants and industrial factory environments to newspaper factories and cardboard plants.

We have provided solutions to the following companies:

HPT Africa – Sub-Saharan Africa’s choice for leading industrial ventilation and filtration solutions.

Winning Systems

Our innovative cardboard waste extraction system employs cutting-edge technology and has won an Mpact Environmental Award.

Trusted Products

HPT Africa offers products with a proven track record and is a sales agent for two major European manufacturers: Plymovent and Höcker Polytechnik.

Latest Technology

HPT Africa consistently offers leading-edge technology to a niche market within the African manufacturing and production industries.

Health and Safety

We make sure that our superior-quality products and services contribute positively to the cleanliness and health and safety of your work environment.