When paper is finely divided it becomes combustible and easily ignitable under certain conditions, and in the paper industry both combustible dust and ignition sources are available.  It is highly beneficial to your business and to your employees to ensure that you have the right controls in place for these hazards.

Injuries to employees, damage to your property as well as loss of business makes the investment in premium solutions a necessity, and at HPT Africa, along with our partners in premium European systems, we will resolve these risks and supply tailor-made solutions for your paper waste industry.

In order to control and minimize the problems associated with processing within this industry, it is essential to install a dust control system on the equipment in order to avoid poor product quality, health risks, safety risks and loss of production.

Many processes occur in the paper and printing industry, such as paper production and processing as well as printing, which inevitably results in paper dust, confetti, paper trimmings and scraps, for which management is ultimately accountable for to ensure that they understand the hazards associated with their operations, as well as maintaining safe operations for the business and employees.

With fifteen years worth of expertise backing our team, as well as many satisfied, well known businesses happy to testify to our high standard of service, HPT Africa provides services to the printing and paper industry such as waste compacting, filter systems, extraction and dust extractors, as well as dedusters and mobile suction devices, among a host of other highly effective systems as listed on our website.

Give our expert, internationally trained team a call, and experience for yourself the reason why we are an award winning company able to service Sub-Saharan Africa with our engineering knowledge and premium European systems. We are able to provide anything from a small stand-alone dust extraction solution to a 200 000 cubic metres, fully-automated waste extraction and filtration system.