There is a direct correlation between in-plant handling and food safety, and the team at HPT Africa will assist you with finding the best solution for the filtration needs of your food processing plant, in order to control and limit the risk of product contamination and in turn contribute to safe food manufacture.  Added to this, the comfort and safety of employees is very important in terms of the specified environmental quality of temperature and humidity, and the quantity of fresh air volume.

The proper installation of premium grade filtration systems is essential to the removal of airborne contaminants such as infectious pathogens like Salmonella and E.Coli, or spoilage microorganisms like yeast and moulds.

HPT Africa will provide you with the perfect dust extraction solution to ensure proper air distribution based on the removal of heat created by the processes and staff of your food processing plant, and provide sufficient fresh air as well as preventing seepage of airborne contamination.

We are proud to offer the Höcker Polytechnik premium quality Dust Extraction unit, to ensure dust-free processing , creating the best production quality, as well as the ability to keep pace with rising quality requirements and standards of cleanliness in productions facilities that demand highly effective dust collection and extraction systems.

If what you are looking for is service excellence and the sense of being treated as an individual as we work with you to design and install your unique requirements at competitive rates backed up by the finest skills, then HPT Africa invites you to join the many satisfied customers we have assisted during our fifteen years in the industry.  We are proud to be an outstanding and award winning company, dedicated to offering quality service and expertise in our field.

Our skilled team is able to offer a range of solutions for a wide variety of industries, and HPT Africa is an innovative and versatile company willing to try and assist with custom solutions over and above what is shown on our website. Contact us for the best competitive rates on premium European products such as Höcker Polytechnik and Plymovent.